Assignment #2 - Character and Self-Reliance


Write a letter to Chris McCandless from Ronald Franz, Wayne Westerburg, Jan Burres, or Gail Borah (pick only one character). As we have been studying how to know what a written text is saying, through main idea/summary/etc, these texts also inform the reader about the characters and what they might think, say, or do. Krakauer does a particularly good job recording different reactions to Chris, and how he affected the lives of others. Look back through chapters 5, 6, 7 of Into the Wild (depending on the character you choose), research a character and then write a mature, organized letter to Chris as if he could still receive a letter today.

Address the following questions as you write:
  1. Explain how his choices affected other people's lives. Question/criticize his decision making.
  2. Explain how you admire him, and why you will miss him.
  3. Give him advice: If he were to do it all over again, what would you tell him before he goes.
  4. Also, write something else that shows your understanding of the character's perspective from which you are writing. Think of what they specifically would say to Chris that is unique from the other characters.

*Please remember to write from a specific character's perspective AND indicate which character you are.
*This letter should be approximately 8-10 thoughtful sentences long.


Write a short reflection explaining why you chose to represent the character the way you did and cite at least one place in the text where you got inspiration for your characterization. Please write no more than 3-4 sentences for this reflection.

***Part 1 & 2 are Due this Friday, February 10 at 5 PM.