Wiki Assignment #3 - Justified Beliefs?

Analysis: Part One (5-7 sentences):

  • What is revealed during chapter 12 that changes your perspective on Chris' beliefs and behavior?

  • What is your opinion of Chris now? Do you feel he is justified in his beliefs/actions as an individual pursuing "perfect moral freedom"? In answering this question, consider the letter Chris wrote to Carine on the bottom of page 64.

Reflection: Part Two (3-5 sentences):

  • Write a reflection that describes how your opinion of Chris has changed throughout your reading experience. How has Chris' character changed or stayed the same, as you've read? Why or why not?

***Bonus: Part Three (5 points)

  • Spend a few minutes looking online and find two photographs that represent perfect moral freedom (individual) or perfect moral order (society). Write a brief explanation of each photo.