Assignment #4: Timeline of major events/time periods

As a class we were able to brainstorm the following events as some of the most important events in Into the Wild. Now you decide which ten are the most important and create a timeline showing these events. Next, write a 3-5 sentence reflection about which three events you believe are the most important and explain your thinking.


  • Chris dislikes having to obey his parents while in high school

  • During college Chris learns of his father's affair with Billie

  • Chris' death in Alaska

  • Chris has to return to the bus and cannot leave the wilderness because the river is too high

  • Works for Wayne Westerberg until he Wayne is put in jail

  • Chris stays with Ron Franz, shows him the Oh-my-god hot springs

  • Gallien drops Chris off at the Stampede Trail

  • Six hunters find Chris' body on the bus

  • Krakauer and his friends visit the bus a year after his death

  • After wasting the moose he has a "rebirth" experience (p.168)

  • Chris is picked up with Jan Burres and boyfriend Bob

  • Chris works for Wayne in Carthage to earn money for his advewnture in Alaska

  • stays in a trailer near Bullhead city with an old man named Charlie

  • He works at McDonalds for a few weeks, opens a bank account

  • Gives his savings away to charity

  • Burns his money and abandons his car

  • Comes back to get his buried belongings at Detrital Wash

  • Canoes down the Colorado river to go to the Gulf of Mexico

  • Almost drowns after a storm hits while resting on a sandbar

  • Chris stays at the Niland slabs and works for Jan Burres selling books

  • Krakauer while writing the book, takes the time to describe Chris as compared with other adventurers