Welcome to our Wiki space, where we will be completing various assignments relating to Jon Krakauer's book Into the Wild as we read!


On this page are the links to specific assignments, guidelines, and rubrics for your reference. Consider this a project with several smaller parts that work together to make a "digital portfolio" that showcases your understanding of Into the Wild and the other related texts that we explore.

Each assignment listed below will be completed in the "Projects" portion of this Wiki:

*For instructions on specific assignments, click the appropriate link below.

*To complete an assignment, go to "Projects" and choose your name from the list of teams. Then, simply click

the "+" button (add pages and files) on the left, and title the page by the writing "Assignment" and the number. Finally, complete the assignment according to the guidelines, making sure to save your work as you edit the page.

RUBRIC (for all assignments)

Assignment #1 - What is "Civil Disobedience"?

Assignment #2 - Character and "Self-Reliance"

Assignment #3 - Justified Beliefs?

Assignment #4 - Time line of major events

Assignment #5